To Tell or Not To Tell

Several month ago Sgt and I discovered our oldest son had been suspended from school. Five days for smoking pot. We were shocked? To be honest, not really. We had suspected he had smoked a little green a month before at a party.

The most difficult part of this situation was the fact the both of us had partaken in a little (or a lot) of weed smoking when we were young. And our son knew it.

I have always been open with the boys and any question they ask always gets an honest answer. This seems to have come back to bite me in the ass because now when I pull out the At Home Drug Kit I get the oh so familiar “But you did it when you were a kid Mom.”


My question for you internet peeps is this. When the time comes (or if it already has) and your son/daughter asks you if you had partied like Michael Phelps what is your answer going to be?


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