This post is brought to you by Bullet Point.

It’s been over a month since I posted. I would like to think I have had great intentions of getting a post up but great intentions do not open the laptop and start typing on their own. Life at casa Mudpuddles has been hectic.

  • Sgt has officially left the Unit That Sends Him To Places That “Officially” Don’t Exsist and is now in a full time french program. His hours are fantastic, weekends free and he is learning to say dirty things to me in a new language.
  • I was offered a new position at work in August. Full time floor support and escalations for our client. The hours are late and long, the pay, no so great and I spend the better part of my day speaking with, or calling back angry customers. I love it.
  •  7 of our 16 lambs have been invited to spend some time with our local butcher. The should be returning next week wrapped in neat packages bearing lables  that say things like “Chops”.
  • I celebrated the 10th aniversary of my 29th birthday.
  • Last week I was asked to teach our next training class. If I agreed it meant I would be working late nights, long hours and weekends. The pay sucks too. I said yes.
  • I got together with a girlfriend I had not seen in 8 years. We met up in a local coffee shop and spent the night talking, laughing, crying. It was the best night out I have had in a long time and made me realize how much I missed my partner in crime. I am making plans to fly out to Halifax for a weekend once the training class is finished.
  • I have given up on Twitter.
  • I have approximately 1,297,473 posts to read in my Bloglines.
  • Operation Potty has begun. 


4 thoughts on “This post is brought to you by Bullet Point.

  1. Avoiceofmyown

    Do you get to talk to unintelligent Americans threatening the company you represent with a class action law-suit because there is a service charge on their bill for a service that the company your company provides? Then you get to sugar coat stuff to new about what it’s like on the “other side” aka the floor? That is if your working for an outsource? Pardon my cynicism I am the queen of call centers, reminiscing through you.

    Good to see you back and that Mr. Sgt is working normal hours…

  2. edenland

    “I celebrated the 10th aniversary of my 29th birthday”

    Oh my God – LOVE THIS!! Love.

    Also – potty training. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Rocco refuses to go near the damn thing. I am so over changing horrific nappies.



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