No Longer Waiting

Just two short years ago I was sitting in Kingston General Hospital, hooked up to an IV and waiting.

It seems my whole life I had been waiting. Hell, I married a soldier. Now that’s always about the waiting. Waiting for him to leave, waiting for him to come home, waiting for a posting message, waiting to sell a house, waiting to buy a house. Waiting for the wait to be over.

But on August 3, 2007 I sat waiting to meet someone. Someone I had been waiting for for a very long time. 10 years and the wait was almost over.

At 8pm the doctor broke my water and started the pitocin. And I waited.

At 8:30pm I begged Sgt to find the nurse and tell her I wanted the epidural. And I waited.

At 9pm the anestesiologist came into my room and told me I would soon feel less pain. And I waited.

At 9:15pm I felt less pain. And I waited.

At 10:45 the nurse came in to check on my progress. 10 cm. And I waited.

At 11:04pm I was no longer waiting.



How fast these two years have gone by.


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