On July 25th we had a house full of family and friends to celebrate Sgts safe homecoming and Henry’s birthday.

I had wanted to make a fun cake for Henry* and planned out something with sheep. It was my first attempt at using fondant and bought some at a local baking store. Being the overachiever I am I also thought I should try and make some from scratch. Trusty Google helped me find a recipe for marshmallow fondant that seemed simple enough and it was. sheep

I used the homemade fondant for the base and the store bought for the sheep.

To get the woolly look in the fleece I took a drinking straw and made little swirls.

sheep3Our meal for the celebration was lamb burgers and lamb sausages made from a ewe I had to have culled. She didn’t have a name, just a number. #5.

#5 proved to be delicious and my friend thought it would be great to pay homage to this wonderful creature.

sheep_deadI was feeling really pleased with myself and then I saw this!

Go ahead and click over to the post. I’ll wait until you get back.


HFW ‘s little Harry shares his birthday with my Henry and they both live on a sheep farm so it’s not surprising that their mum’s would make them a cake with sheep. HFW really outdid herself with that incredible creation! I now want to move in with her and bake cakes all day while the boys chase sheep.

*Yes, I know Henry’s real name shows up on the cake and you’re probably wondering why I would continue to use the a.k.a. after that. It’s to keep family from Googling our names.

2 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Hairy Farmer Family

    Had you hid in the kitchen for as many hours as I did last week, yours would look equally overblown, I promise! I spent a silly number of hours on it, but it was either that, or talk to my drunken SIL… no contest.
    Number 5 kicks ass.


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