Sgt made it home safe and sound. His plane was about an hour late but that’s to be expected, the military is not know for it’s punctual returns.

While driving home Sgt reaches over, turns the radio on and out of the speakers comes this song. (Sorry, I couldn’t embed this video.) The perfect song for that moment.

Henry played strange for the first day but quickly fell back into routine with his dad. Wednesday morning Sgt and Henry were enjoying some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and this came on the radio.

I have always associated music with moments in my life, I like to think of them as anthems to a particular memory. Last week I added a couple more songs to my anthems list and will think of those moments each and every time I hear these songs in the future.


Reading and commenting on blogs has been placed on the backburner for now but I will be returning next week when my holidays start.

Just a quick “Hello” to let you know I am still here.

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