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An evening in the park with cousins.

You’ll notice my real name on the video. If you’d like to hook up on FB send me a me message with “Blogging” and we can be BFF’s.

Just Call Me Buzz McKillington

A few days ago Will and Charlie were outside doing some chores that included the use of our lawn tractor and the small trailer attachment. When they were finished they decided it would be fun to ride up and down the road each taking turns standing up to do a bit of surfing in the trailer. The object of this game was to see if the driver could dislodge the surfer. When I caught sight of this I had to holler at them to stop and then proceeded to give them each a lecture on why this was not a safe activity.

When I was finished screeching at them in a voice only the dogs could here Charlie piped up.

“Mom, why do you always have to play the roll of Buzz McKillinton?”.

Which them prompted me to ask them to write a Guest Post on why they think I am such a Buzz Kill. Here is their post, completely unedited*.

Our mother the buzz kill.
A short story by Will and Charlie.


Who wants to hear a story about a bridge? Well nobody but with mom its everyday occurrence, Just hearing her calling our names from upstairs means something that won’t be fun.
What we think will be fun, She thinks will be “Dangerous” Obviously it’s dangerous that’s why it’s fun! She won’t even let us ride bikes down stairs, our poor little brother will grow up in a cruel and un-fun house.
Here’s a list of how she kills our buzz.
1. Sheep in the pool (Apparently it would kill it and that’s “A bad thing”)

2. Everyday when she dumps Henry on us. (Apparently its a bonding experience)

3. Whenever she calls our names from upstairs. (We know its either two things. Work, Or Trouble)

4. How we cant have overly violent games. *Cough* Buzz kill *Cough* *Cough*
5. Shes expects things of us.
6. Expects to feed ourselves.

7. Expects us to not do something Half-assed

8. Work! She expects us to get off out lazy butts and pay attention to her.

9. She expects me. A 16 year old teenage boy to wake up before 12 in the afternoon. (Gasp!)

10. She expects a 14 year old XBOX junkie to not play for 7 hours a day or until his fingers are numb.

11. She expects us to NOT be dumb teenagers. (Who does she think she is?)

As you can plainly tell. Our Moms a real buzz kill, She expects us to do things and enjoy doing them, Her idea of fun is throwing us outside for the day and making us watch Henry. PLEASE! CALL CHILD SERVICES! We don’t know how much more buzz killing we can take. 

TM of Will, Charlie and Henry. :) Have a great day that’s not full of a buzz kill mother. Cause we sure wont.


And there you have it folks, all the reasons why I am Buzz McKillington. 



 *It nearly killed me not to spellcheck and edit this post!

Bubbles Vlog

I’m thinking about doing a Vlog every Sunday. If my readers (all 4 of you *waves) would like to see something particular … farming, a tour of my bathroom, an interpretive dance to Little Green Bad while wearing only underpants … leave a comment and I will do my best to accommodate.

But for now here is a video of Henry and me in the kitchen playing with bubbles.

You’ll notice my real name on the video. If you’d like to hook up on FB send me a me message with “Blogging” and we can be BFF’s.



On July 25th we had a house full of family and friends to celebrate Sgts safe homecoming and Henry’s birthday.

I had wanted to make a fun cake for Henry* and planned out something with sheep. It was my first attempt at using fondant and bought some at a local baking store. Being the overachiever I am I also thought I should try and make some from scratch. Trusty Google helped me find a recipe for marshmallow fondant that seemed simple enough and it was. sheep

I used the homemade fondant for the base and the store bought for the sheep.

To get the woolly look in the fleece I took a drinking straw and made little swirls.

sheep3Our meal for the celebration was lamb burgers and lamb sausages made from a ewe I had to have culled. She didn’t have a name, just a number. #5.

#5 proved to be delicious and my friend thought it would be great to pay homage to this wonderful creature.

sheep_deadI was feeling really pleased with myself and then I saw this!

Go ahead and click over to the post. I’ll wait until you get back.


HFW ‘s little Harry shares his birthday with my Henry and they both live on a sheep farm so it’s not surprising that their mum’s would make them a cake with sheep. HFW really outdid herself with that incredible creation! I now want to move in with her and bake cakes all day while the boys chase sheep.

*Yes, I know Henry’s real name shows up on the cake and you’re probably wondering why I would continue to use the a.k.a. after that. It’s to keep family from Googling our names.

No Longer Waiting

Just two short years ago I was sitting in Kingston General Hospital, hooked up to an IV and waiting.

It seems my whole life I had been waiting. Hell, I married a soldier. Now that’s always about the waiting. Waiting for him to leave, waiting for him to come home, waiting for a posting message, waiting to sell a house, waiting to buy a house. Waiting for the wait to be over.

But on August 3, 2007 I sat waiting to meet someone. Someone I had been waiting for for a very long time. 10 years and the wait was almost over.

At 8pm the doctor broke my water and started the pitocin. And I waited.

At 8:30pm I begged Sgt to find the nurse and tell her I wanted the epidural. And I waited.

At 9pm the anestesiologist came into my room and told me I would soon feel less pain. And I waited.

At 9:15pm I felt less pain. And I waited.

At 10:45 the nurse came in to check on my progress. 10 cm. And I waited.

At 11:04pm I was no longer waiting.



How fast these two years have gone by.