Monthly Archives: July 2009


Sgt made it home safe and sound. His plane was about an hour late but that’s to be expected, the military is not know for it’s punctual returns.

While driving home Sgt reaches over, turns the radio on and out of the speakers comes this song. (Sorry, I couldn’t embed this video.) The perfect song for that moment.

Henry played strange for the first day but quickly fell back into routine with his dad. Wednesday morning Sgt and Henry were enjoying some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast and this came on the radio.

I have always associated music with moments in my life, I like to think of them as anthems to a particular memory. Last week I added a couple more songs to my anthems list and will think of those moments each and every time I hear these songs in the future.


Reading and commenting on blogs has been placed on the backburner for now but I will be returning next week when my holidays start.

Just a quick “Hello” to let you know I am still here.

Send In The Troops

It has been 19 years, 5 tours of duty, countless courses and field time and I always feel the same butterflies in my stomache when Sgt is about to return home. It is the same feeling I would get when we first started dating and I knew he was on his way to pick me up. I start a project but my mind quickly goes to something else and I find myself leaving a half cleaned rec room to start rearranging kitchen cupboards. I can not focus on one thing for any length of time and as a result it looks like my house has been burgled by very messy, very dirty thieves.

Let’s start with the bedroom. I have several large piles of my clothing on the floor and on Sgts side of the bed. Some are to be taken to the local thrift store for donation. Some are winter items that haven’t been stored yet. Some are clean and I haven’t put them away. And some are my maternity clothes that I am just not able to part with at this time. (But that’s a post for another day … or a session for me and my therapist.)

The laundry has piled up and I am afraid it will topple over and smother one of the children.

The kitchen still has last nights supper dishes sitting on the counter. Rice has yet to be swept up from underneath the highchair. The floor is beyond sticky.

The livingroom looks like Fisher Price stopped by after a night of kegging and threw up all over the floor.

I won’t dare set foot in Will and Charlie’s rooms without HAZMAT gear and a stick to beat off any creatures that may lunge out from under their beds. Teenage boys are gross.

We had a small flood in our storage room in March and everything that was taken out has to be put back with some sense of order.

The only rooms that do not need any cleaning or reorganizing are the bathroom (only because I have OCD when it comes to a clean bathroom) and Henry’s room.

This is my last day as a single parent due to deployment. Sgt is scheduled to return tomorrow night, around 7 o’clock and it may just take a small army to get this house ready for his return.